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If you're local and need cut flowers for your table or a special event, I have them. Call ahead of time if you'd like a large number. 360-751-1280

I'll post pictures of varieties as they bloom. Not all of the varieites pictured will be available as tubers when I begin acceping orders. All will be available as rooted cuttings.


OPEN HOUSE -- September 21st. Come and see over 230 varieties of dahlias in bloom and place your order for next spring. After visiting here, visit The Plant Station, which is rarely open to the public. See her beautiful gardens, the new plant varieties she is trialing for 2015 and take advantage of her End of the Year Sale. It is only 7 minutes away.








  Variety Name Size, Form, Color Stock Number Description  
ABACUS SOL CO-Y   Nice bright yellow collarette. 2009 introduction David Hill in UK. It is also registered with RHS. 4'
AC ABBY B C FL   2012 Introduction from Ken Greenway. 5'
AC BEN AA SC LB Y/OR   Introduced by Ken Greenway in 2010. Lots of beautiful blooms for an AA. 4'
AC CJ BB SC OR   Wonderful bright orange flower. Does great in the shows and wonderful in bouquets. 4-1/2'
AC DARK HORSE AA SC PR   Easily comes to size. Silvery backside makes for an unusual looking bloom. 5'
AC FIREFLY M FD V   Very floriferous plant-- blooms look like a small Amorous. 5'
AC ROSEBUD BB ID DB   Looks like a rosebud -- great cut flower. 5'
AC WILLIAM A ID Y   One of the first to bloom in the garden (despite it's size). Beautiful yellow flowers with wavy petals. Low grower 4'
AA SC OR   Huge bright orange.  Great show flower. 5'
APELSINI SNIEGA BB NX BB   Unusual orange and white hybridized by Rita Zala of Latvia 4'
BADGER TWINKLE M SC DB   132 Blues or better in 2011. Good cut flower as well.  
BEDHEAD BB OR IC   I used to grow Bright Star, but had trouble with the centers going open, so have started growing this one. It is nearly identical. Good cut flower. 5'
BELLE OF THE BALL A LC PR   Only one in it's class. Gorgeous shade of light purple (I would describe it as more of a lavender.) Needs heavy disbudding to get it to an A. Limited stock of tubers. 4'
BLACKJACK B ID DR   2003 introduction from Peter Hapet of Austria. Black-red similar to Kenora Macop B. Dark green foliage. 5'
BB FD Y   2Top in it's class with 136 blues or better in 2013. 4'
BODE B IC L   Lavender incurved cactus. Top in it's class. 4'
BOHEMIAN SPARTACUS A ID V PR/Y   Lovely variegated 2008 sport of Spartacus from Peter Haslhofer of Austria. Easy to get to size with good stems. 4-1/2'
BRACKEN SARAH BB FD LB Y/OR   Very nice form. Reminds me a lot of Edna C. Competes well in a very large class. 4'
BRIDE TO BE WL W   If you love cutflowers, you'll definitely want this one. It will give you tons of beautiful white blooms. 4'
CAMANO RASCAL B C BI R/W   A wonderful flower from the great Dick Ambrose. Sometimes they will go solid red -- but still beautiful. 4'
CAMANO SITKA A C DB Y/BR   Though officially classified as bronze, it is more a beautiful bright orange flower with yellow center. Grows quite tall and looks like a beacon in the garden. Tops in it's class -- 144 blues or better in 2011. 5'
CANDY JAYNE A SC V WH/PR   2008 release from the Parshall's. Nice form, good stems on tall plant. You do get some solids, but haven't had an entire plant go solid. 5'
CAPROZ JERRY GARCIA B FD R   Beautiful red color, makes great cut flowers. Good form. 4'
CARMEN ALEXANDRA BB SC LB Y/OR   I love this flower. Beautiful yellow center blends to orange. 4'
CARMEN BUNKY WL DP   Introduced by John Sullivan in 2007, this lovely dark pink waterlily is a good show flower and does well as a cut flower also. 4-1/2'
CARMEN MARIANA WL OR   2011 Introduction from John Sullivan. Large waterlily with brilliant color. Mine is more light blend of yellow and orange 4'
CHEYENNE BB LC FL   An oldie that is one of the brightest in the garden. My Mother passed her love of this one on to me. 4'
CHIMACUM KATIE BB FD L   Perfect formation and one of the most vivid colors in the garden. Great in every way -- garden - show - cut. 5'
CLEARVIEW DEBBY BB FD LB   My favorite new flower for 2012. Gorgeous precise blooms. Coloring similar to it's brother, Clearview David. 5'
CLEARVIEW ORCA B SC W   Beautiful white with a hint of lavender. 4-1/2'
  CLEARVIEW SUNDANCE A C Y   2013 introduction from Dick & Danielle Parshall. Only one in it's class -- 75 blues or better in 2013.  
CLYDE'S CHOICE AA FD OR   Beautiful orange giant. No competition in it's class. 4'
CRAZY 4 JESSIE BB IC DB DR/Y   This 2009 introduction is one of my favorites. Very good incurved cactus form that was the top winner in it's class in 2011. 4'
CREEKSIDE VOLCANO B LC FL R/Y   Grows very tall. Incredible colors. First time I saw this one, it reminded me of a beacon. 5'+
EDITH JONES CO PK   Beautiful collarettes with blends of pink. New to the US from UK 4-1.2'
EDNA C B FD Y   Still the top winner in it's class with 102 blues or better in 2012. Reminds me of a yellow bird. Beautiful! 4-1/2'
ESMERELDA BB SC PR   A gorgeous shade of royal purple introduced in 2006 by Wayne Shantz. A "must have" if you love purple like I do. Top in it's class in 2011. 4'
FERN RIDGE PRIDE A ID BI Y/W   Beautiful eye-catching garden flower. Bright yellow, evenly tipped white 4-1/2'
FLIRT B NX   My sources tell me this is a 2000 Introduction from Russia. Purple petals with white petaloids. Great designer's flower. Grows very similar to Hollyhill Spiderwoman - needs heavy disbudding to come up out of the bush, but worth the trouble! 3-1/2'
FORMBY KAITLIN A FD PR   This is THE most gorgeous color of purple on this size dahlia. Perfectly laid petals makes this the most commented on in my garden. NOTE: This is a late bloomer. For best results, start early in pots 4-1/2'
GARLAND'S ENTERPRISE AN WH   2010 release from Tim Garland. Top in its class with 5 blues in 2012. 4-1/2'
GITTS CRAZY ST DB DR/Y   Hart award winner in 2012. Very interesting colors - large stellar. 5'+
GRANNY NORMAN B SC LB PK/Y   This beauty is yellow blending to a darker pink on the tips. Tips are sometimes split. 5'
GREENDOR BA V Y/R   One of my favorite ball dahlias. Many blooms very evenly variegated. Great stems. Top in it's class. 5'
HaPET ADMIRAL BB FD DB PR/W   May be classified as a stellar - havent entered it into any shows yet. Very similar to AC Aquarius, but grows better for me.  
HaPET GOLIATH AA SC LB   Yellow center blending to salmony pink. Vigorous growing. From Peter Haslhofer of Austria. 5'
HaPET MONA LISA B ID LB   Form reminds me of Edna C. Peachy-pink and yellow. 5'
HaPET PERFEKT BB LC LB   Beautiful laciniated from Peter Haslhofer of Austria. Light yellow with pink tips. 4'
HARRY MEGGOS A ID LB Y/OR   Can go to AA with disbudding. Very high petal count. Short grower, great stems. Will do well in the shows. 4'
HART'S AUTUMN SPLENDOR A SC OR   2013 introduction from Stan Hart. A very show orange, almost neon in color, will show well as it has great stems and good form. Strong grower. 5'
A FD R  

2011 HART AWARD WINNER. A dark red beauty that sits atop a 4-1/2' healthy plant with 9" x 6-3/4" non-fading blooms.

AA ID OR   Giant orange blooms that easily come to size. One of the most floriferous of the giants I've ever grown. Winner of the Stanley Hart award for 2009. Avg. trial garden score 86.29 5'


A SC OR   Introduced in 2013 by Stan Hart. Good show dahlia that does better as the temps turn cooler. Good stems and form. 4-1/2'
HART'S TICKLED PINK AA ID PK   Only one in it's class. Easily grows to size. Nice healthy bushes 5'
HELLO THERE! B SC BI DR/W   Beautiful dark red with white tips. Great stems for cutting, and a favorite with garden visitors. 4'
HILLCREST LIAM A ID OR   From one of England's best-known hybridizers - Les Jackson. Lovely soft orange blooms with wavy petals. 5'
HOLLYHILL 6-IN-1 YELLOW BB LC V R/Y/W   No two flowers of this variety are alike. Some have lots of white, some barely any. Nice form and lots of flowers. An Attention-getter for sure! 5'
  HOLLYHILL AUGUSTINA B IC DB DP/YL   Introduced by Ted Kennedy in 2013. Top in it's class. 5'
HOLLYHILL BEWITCHED SOLID PURPLE BB ID V W/PR   This one is normally my favorite variegated. However, last summer they all went solid. I still love the form and will continue to grow the solid ones -- they may or may not return to variegated. 5'
HOLLYHILL BIG RED AA SC DR   This is listed as an A in the classification book, but easily grows to AA size (for myself and all others I know that grow it.) 5'
HOLLYHILL BLACK BEAUTY BB ID DR   2012 introduction from the Ted and Margaret Kennedy. Beautiful black-red flowers. Great show and cut flower. 4'
HOLLYHILL COTTON CANDY B IC DP   Derrill Hart winner - easily grows to "A" size. 5'
HOLLYHILL DIAMOND BB SC W   This is a great all-around white. Does well in the shows, and a good cut flower. Very floriferous. If you need a white for a wedding -- this is the one to get. 5'
HOLLYHILL DONATELLO B SC LB OR/Y   New 2014. Superb cutflower, basket flower and arranger's flower. Deep colors, tall bush, lots of long stemmed flowers. Rated a 9 as a cut flower.  
HOLLYHILL ELECTRA A IC OR   Great flower! Only one in it's class. 70 blues or better in 2012. 5'
HOLLYHILL FLAMINGO B SC DP   Beautiful dark salmon pink. Good form.  
HOLLYHILL FIRELIGHT B C R   This has become a favorite of mine. It is a very nice red with tiny gold tips. Tall grower and very floriferous. 5'+
HOLLYHILL GOLDRUSH BB SC LB OR/PK   New for 2014. Winner of Lynn Dudley Medal. Superb show flower; precise form. Rated a 7 as a cut flower.  
HOLLYHILL ICARUS A SC Y   Much-needed gold color with wonderful form. Received blues in every show it was entered in. Tall grower. 6'
HOLLYHILL JOKER'S WILD BB ID Bi R/W   A favorite amongst the garden visitors. Each flower is a little different. Some are nearly solid red, with just a row of white. Others are white, edged in red. Tall grower. 6'



  Another great yellow and white. Looks so crisp and clean with it's yellow tips. 5'
HOLLYHILL LIZ M BA DB PR/W   New 2014. Winner Derrill Hart Medal. Precise miniature ball form. Rated an 7as a cut flower.  
HOLLYHILL LOVERBOY M FD R   New for 2014. Winner Derrill Hart Medal. Superby flowers on bushes with dark green leaves. Non-fading. Rated as a #8 for cut flowers.  
HOLLYHILL MARGARITA B IC DP   This picture does not do the color of this beauty justice. If you've grown Tropica, this is very similar in color. 5'
HOLLY MONET WL DB DR PK/Y   New 2014. Wonderful waterlily in very intense colors. Rated an 8 as a cut flower.  
HOLLYHILL MOONSONG AA SC LB   Winner of Derrill Hart Medal for 2014. Huge beautiful flowers on 6' tall bush. Rated a 6 as a cut flower.  
HOLLYHILL ORANGE ICE BB FD Bi Or/W   This one reminds me of a "creamscicle". Very nice orange with evenly tipped white petals. 4'
HOLLYHILL REGAL M FD PR   Introduced in 2012. Winner of Lynn Dudley and Derrill Hart awards. Has won best miniature in show. Excellent cut flower.

A flower arrangers delight. This one takes a lot of disbudding to get the flowers out of the bush. Some years it produces plentiful tu



  HOLLYHILL TABOO M ID DR   2012 introduction from Ted Kennedy. Top in it's category for 2013.  
HOLLYHILL TIGRESS WL V Y/R   Large deep waterlily. Lots of flowers on this tall bush. 5'
HOLLYHILL TWILIGHT A SC DB DK PD/Y   New for 2014. Tall bushes with very bright flowers. Needs shading for best flowers. Rated a 5 as a cut flower.  
  IRISH GLOW POM RED   2012 introduction from Steve and Sandy Boley. Top in it's class with 84 blues or better in 2013.  
IRENE ELLEN BB FD PR   One of my favorite purples. Very consistent, floriferous bloomer and great form. I have found that the purple color gets lighter later in the season. 5'
IRISH MISS P DB PR/W   2005 introduction from Steve & Sandy Boley. Top in it's class. 3'
IVANETTI BA DR   This sport of Cornel is almost as good as the parent. Very reliable bloomer - nice dark red color 4'
JAX A LC DR   Beautiful laciniated dark red. Color similar to Kenora Macop B. 4'
JAZZ'IN B ID V   Very full variegated - DP with red streaks. Lots of flowers. 4'
JESSICA BB IC BI Y/R   A favorite of everyone. Very bright yellow and red combo. Not a good tuber maker. 4'
JUST MARRIED B LC LB PK/Y   Very pretty frilly flower. Color is more cream center, blending to pink. 4'
KELGAI ANN WL PK   A favorite of mine. Very light pink early in the season. Later, as the weather cools, it becomes a much darker pink. Looks very fragile, but does well as a cut flower. 5'
KENORA AMETHYST BA PR   Beautiful purple color on this 1986 introduction from Gordie 4'
KENORA CLYDE AA SC W   This one was named after a Texas gent that gave the seed to Gordie. I'll bet he was a tall fellow, as this plant grows 6' plus. Great show flower. Introduced in 1988 at $25.00!! 6'
KENORA DAZZLER M ID DB PR/W   Beautiful little flowers literally cover the 4' bushes. Tops in it's class, and makes a great cut flower. 4'
KENORA FANTASTIC B SC DB W/PR   Gordie's 2005 introduction. Wonderful form. Color similar to it's sister, Kenora Wow, but fades less. 4'
KENORA FIREFIGHTER B FD R   Beautiful, bright red color. Many blooms -- good cut flower. Named to honor firefighters everywhere. 5'
KENORA FRILLS B LC DP   Gordie's 1996 introduction.  
KENORA JUBILEE A SC W   This is one of the easiest to grow, most dependable and loveliest flowers I grow. I believe it will become the standard in it's class. 5'
KENORA LISA B FD PK   A beautiful salmon-pink flower with slight gold tips. Petals recurve right back to the stem. A low grower for me. 3-1/2'
KENORA MACOP B B LC DR   Tall growing with incredibly dark red, laciniated blooms. Named for a chemotherapy medicine Gordie was taking at the time he hybridized it. 5'
KENORA MAJESTIC B C LB DP/W   Lovely pink petals, blending to white center. Very strong stems. 5'
KENORA MOONBEAM BB ID Y   1992 introduction from the great Gordie Leroux. Watch for tubers next season - plants may be available in the spring.  
KENORA ONTARIO B IC LB   Nice lavender and white blooms, introduced in 1983 by Gordie. 4'
KENORA PASSION BB ID LB PK/Y   1983 introduction from Gordie Leroux. New to me this year, look for tubers next year or possibly plants in the spring.  
KENORA PEPPERMINT BB FD Bi R/W   One of the last that Gordie named before his passing. A lovely bright red with white tips. With slight notch on the tips, it makes a great cut flower and is an attention-getter in the garden. Limited stock. 5'
KENORA RENA A C DR   This is a seedling of Gordie's that was given to a friend, who gave it to a friend, who gave it to me. Not the great show form of Kenora Wildfire, but a nice garden flower. 5'
KENORA SPIRIT B LC W   2001 introduction from Gordie. Holes up the best in hot weather or rain of any white laciniated I've grown. 4'

1996 introduction from Gordie. A gorgeous flame. My stock is very good and has good separation between the red and yellow. Not muddied!! Kenora Sunset is a sport of Kenora Canada.




KENORA SUPERB A SC LB OR/Y   1992 introduction from Gordie Leroux. Gorgeous yellow and orange combination. 4-1/2'
KENORA TONYA BA L   Nice lavender ball. Named for one of Gordie's nieces 4'
KENORA WOW! B SC DB   2005 introduction. So aptly named -- because when you see the color, the first thing you say is WOW. Top winner in it's class, and a great cut flower. 5'
LADY DARLENE B FD FL   When this flower is right, it is drop dead gorgeous. My stock is very good. 30 blues or better in 2013. 5'
LAKEVIEW GLOW BB IC Y   Very easy to grow. Lots of show quality blooms, and makes an excellent cut flower. 344 blues or better in 2013. 4'
LAKEVIEW ILLUSION B IC PR   Great show flower. 37 blues or better in 2013.  
MARIA K. MEGGOS B C OR   Only one of it's class competing in 2013.  
MARY B FD LB L/W   One of my favorites. Good cut flower as well as show.17 blues or better in 2010. 4'
MAYAN WARRIOR BB SC FL   This is one of those hard-to-describe colors. Really kind of a smoky fuchsia with yellow center. Very similar to Tropica. Very, very floriferous, and a great cut flower. Comes from Ken Stock from the UK 4'
MEXICO AN L   Top in it's class -- easy to grow. 183 blues or better in 2013. 4'
MIDNIGHT STAR O DR   Beautiful 2009 introduction from R. Johnson. Prolific bloomer - good tuber maker - easy to grow and top in its class with 188 blues or better in 2012. 4'
MINGUS MIKE B B LC FL   2012 introduction from Phillip Mingus. Beautiful very-frilly dahlia. Nice color distinction. 5'

2004 introduction from Phil Mingus. Very nice white with lavender shading.

MINGUS NICOLE A ID LB PK/Y   Incredible color. Late bloomer, but worth the wait. Good show flower. One of the few that will get deeper after being cut. 5'
MINGUS TONI BB ID V PK/R   Great cut and garden flower. Yellow in center. Each flower is a little different, making it possible to pick an interesting bouquet from one plant. Floriferous. 4'
MINGUS WESLEY A SC LB   Gorgeous flower, can go to AA with disbudding in the Pacific Northwest. Top in it's class. 5'
MONET GLORY WL LB   This is one of my favorites to use for a cut flower. It blends from a yellow to soft gold. New to the US, it is a 2006 introduction by Ken Stock of the UK. 4'
MS. KENNEDY MB OR   Very nice little orange ball. Does great in the shows and is a great addition to your fall bouquets. 4'
MYRTLE'S FOLLY B LC DB PR/OR   Very unusual color combination. Limited stock 4'
  NANCILE (or Nancy Lee? BB FD DB PR/W   Lovely flower. Described as a waterlily, but bloomed more as a formal dec. 4'
NENEKAZI B LC LB   Wonderful laciniated from Mr. Higgo of South Africa. Top in it's class in the shows. 4'
NICK SR. AA ID R   If you liked Bodacious, you'll LOVE this one. Much better form than Bodacious and larger. Stems like broomsticks. 5'
NOEL BB LC Bi R/W   2001 introduction from Bob Bloomfield. Bob was crazy about Christmas, so named this red and white one accordingly. 4'
NORA BB ID V   Great cut flower from Rita Zala of Latvia. 4'
NORMANDY LISANNE B ID DB R/Y   Beautiful wavy flower of mostly yellow with red highlights 5'
PAPA'S BENJI B LC OR   Beautiful bright orange laciniated blooms. Holds up better in the heat than most laciniateds. 4'
PARKLAND RAVE BB IC L   2005 introduction from Rowse. Top in it's class. Very floriferous with a beautiful color. Grows more dark pink for me, rather than lavender. 4'
PENHILL DARK MONARCH AA ID DB   Very interesting purple and yellow blooms 5'
PENHILL WATERMELON AA ID LB   Very big, shaggy looking blooms of pink and yellow. Top winner in it's class. 5'
PRINCESS PAIGE BB FD V WH/PR   Great container or border dahlia. 2008 ADS Container & Border Dahlia of the Year Many blooms. 18"
  PRUHONICE A SC FL   Beautiful bright colored flowers. 4'
  PURPLE PEARL BB FD Purple   Gorgeous purple color with white edge. 4'

In early summer, it is redder, but becomes a really lovely dark orange later in the season. Great form. The tubers are the reddest I've ever seen!

R. KRIS B ID W   Looks like a white Edna C. Good form and tops in it's class. 4-1/2'
R. MONA WL R   Another great flower from Ralph Helens. I believe it will overtake Taratahi Ruby as the top red waterlily when it gets better distributed. 5'
RC DIANE BRAZIL ST DB W/PR   The picture does just not do this variety justice. Although classified as white with purple, it is more of a silver lavender with purple on the reverse. A favorite of everyone who saw it.  
RIDLING'S WICKED WATERLILY WL   Very, very tall plant. Salmony pink flower. Great long, sturdy stems. 6' +
RIDLING'S ZAN M FD OR   Hybridized by my son, Aaron Ridling. Almost looks like a blend of pink to orange. Very nice cut and good show. 5'

2012 release from Eugene Kenyon. Top in it's class first year out with 28 blues or better. Limited stock.

ROQUE STARBURST AA SC W   Low grower (unlike Kenora Clyde). Top in it's class in 2011. 3-1/2'
RYECROFT BRENDA T B FD W   Gorgeous white with just a touch of lavender. 33 blues or better in the shows in 2010. Outscored only by Brookside Snowball. 5'
SANDIA JOY WL Y   Very early blooming and proliferous. Good show and cut and good for containers because of it's short height. Lovely lemon yellow. 2-1/2'
SANTA CLAUS BB ID BI R/W   Very pretty blooms and top in it's class. 28 blues or better in 2013. Can revert to orange with white, but my stock all bloomed true last year. 4-1/2'
SCOTT'S CALDERA B SC BR   This is one of my favorites to use in bouquets. Lots of flowers that blend well with nearly everything. 4'
SCOTT'S JEANETTE B. BB IC PR   One of my very, very favorites from Mike Riordan, named for our good friend and fellow dahlia addict, Jeanette Benson. A seedling from Jane, it grows much taller and is covered with blooms. Top in it's class -- 20 blues or better in 2011. 5'
SEDUCTION BB FD L   This is at the top of my list for cut flowers. It's strong stems make it a designer's dream. Beautiful lavender with a darker reverse. 5'
SKIPLEY BONANZA B IC R   Impeccable form and great color. 5'
SKIPLEY SPOT BB FD BI   Gorgeous, hard to find variety. My sister once said it looked like a ladies ball gown. Limited supply.  
  SNOJO SONIA BA L   A 2007 introduction from the late Bill Bonneywell -- a top-notch hybridizer. Top exhibition variety in it's class with 52 blues or better in 2012. 4-1/2'
SNOHO STORM A IC W   This one can incurve wildly. I have found it does that more in a cooler part of the garden.  
SORBET B SC DB DR/W   Introduced in 2004 by Geerlings. Beautiful form -- in cooler climates you will find more dark red than white. 5'
STRIPED DUET B FD BI OR/W   This beautiful sport of Duet is actually a variegated bi-color. I've been told it looks much like Gregor's Mikkel. However, this one is very evenly tipped in white. Unusual coloring and definitely an attention getter. 4'
SUITZUS JULIE WL L   A tiny little waterlily (only 1"-2" wide) that blooms profusely. Growing 12" - 18" high, it is perfect for containers or in the border. 1'
SUMMIT FESTIVAL BB ID BI OR/W   A great garden and cut flower. These lovely blooms are a soft orange with white tips. The unusual thing about this flower is the red wavy line separating the orange and white. Very good stems! 4-1/2'
TIMONA PASTEL A SC LB   One of my favorites in the large dahlias. Very delicate blending of pale yellow centers to pink outside. Absolutely lovely. 4'
TIOGA SEAHAWK B LC LB DP/Y   Hard to find Tioga beauty. Lovely, deep laciniations. Blooms early and often 4'
TRELYN RHIANNON B C DB   Beautiful cactus blooms that blend with nearly every color. Dark red/purple, blending to yellow in center. One of my favorites. 5'
TROOPER DAN A SC Y   Low growing, good form, easily comes to size. 3'
UMPQUA MAGIC B LC FL   This is an incredible color -- sure to draw the attention of visitors to your garden. Tops in it's class in the shows, also. 4'
URCHIN BB LC DR   Aptly named --does look like a sea urchin. 1995 introduction from the late, great, Bob Bloomfield. 4-1/2'
VASSIO MEGGOS A ID L   Sport of Spartacus. New in 2005 from Steve Meggos. Lovely, wavy, large lavender flowers. Can go to AA with heavy disbudding. Good tuber maker. 4-1/2'
WESTON SPANISH DANCER M C FLAME   Great cut and show flower. 4-1/2'
WILLOFIELD MICK B ID LB OR/Y   Beautiful 1999 introduction from G. Powley of the United Kingdom. I've never felt this one got the accolades it should have and will work to change that. The color on this flower absolutely "sparkles". This picture doesn't accurately portray the color. 5'
WINDHAVEN HIGHLIGHT B IC Y   Brilliant yellow blooms on tall plants will really make this a "highlight" in your garden. Great stems make this a good cutflower, as it being the top competitor in it's class. 5'
WOODLAND'S MERINDA ST PR   Beautiful purple stellar from Bill Mishler. This one makes a great cut flower as well as show. Best in it's class with 58 blues or better in 2011. Darker than picture shows. 4'
WOODLAND'S TACO TIME BB FD LB Y/OR   2012 introduction from Bill Mishler. Similar orange to Woodland's Wildthing, with glowing yellow in center. Great form and lots and lots of blooms. Does well on the show bench and is good cut flower as well. 4'
WYN'S FARMER JOHN AA ID LB W/Y/L   Great show flower and one of my favorites. Beautiful pale yellow, with a blush of pink. 5'
WYN'S FEISTY FREDA B ID PR   Fabulous shade of purple, does well in the shows. Makes lots of tubers. 5'
WYN'S KING SALMON AA SC DP   Gorgeous burnt salmon color. Great stems. Only one in it's class competing. 4'
ZANOBIA A ID V Y/R   This Dahlia is from Belgium, the breeder is Gryson. (2002). 5'
ZAPF'S DESERT STORM B SC DR   Gorgeous dark red color. Can do well in the shows. 5'
ZOEY REY B ID DB PR/Y   Unusual coloring of purple and yellow. Very tall grower. 2011 introduction from Swan Island. 6'


We are licensed and inspected by Washington State Department of Agriculture. All tubers are guaranteed to be true to name, disease free and have at least one live eye. If you have a problem, you must contact us by SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2014. A replacement tuber will be sent the following year. After that time, no replacement will be made. We are not responsible for weather, pests or insect problems or variegated or bi-color dahlias going solid.

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